Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Everything That You Need To Know


Furniture that's made from cherry, oak, maple, walnut and pine are just some of the popular kinds of wooden furniture that we see in luxurious homes. But there is one kind of wood that is raising everyone's eyebrows and have broad range of applications at the same time, this is the reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is basically the process lumber that's obtained by means of turning the lumber used in old furniture, homes, wine barrels, warehouses and barns as well into reusable wood. There are so many factors that have to be considered while planning to buy reclaimed wood furniture and these include:

Number 1. Among the major reasons to opt reused wood in making furniture is that, they are offering unique and rustic look. Rustic themes are extremely popular nowadays and reused lumber given with their worn out looks, subtle imperfections and shaded colors offer what's intended.

Number 2. Reused lumber was cut down from past trees which grew when the external factors such as toxicity and pollution did not affect the wood's strength. Hence, it made reclaimed wood to be durable and strong.

Number 3. Over the years, reused wood has exposed to lots of temperature changes and humidity hence, it isn't easily vulnerable to damage because of contractions and expansions.

Number 4. Owing to its authenticity and age, reused wood is without a doubt a costly affair. You can buy reclaimed wood furniture for a lower price and expect to have high ROI from it. As a matter of fact, the older, the better.

When you are in the process of buying reclaimed wood furniture, here are few steps that you should follow.

Step number 1. It's useless to buy reclaimed wood furniture if it is not able to provide decent return of investment. To ensure that you're going to reap its benefits, you should request the vendor if they can give you certificate of authenticity.

Step number 2. If you possess the lumber and simply need assistance in the carpentry, then ask if the furniture vendor is willing to work on the materials you have provided. In addition to that, ask if they are taking custom orders.

Step number 3. Reused wood have few damages or holes that have to be sealed. Make sure that only high quality epoxies are what's used in covering these holes and not just cheap wax crayons or wood fills. Otherwise, it will compromise the strength and integrity of the furniture. Click here to get started .